UK Travel Tax Nothing To Do With NZ Sustainability Policy

There is a seriously troubling article in today’s Dominion Post by Vernon Small. It suggests that New Zealand’s ability to influence the UK’s proposed travel tax that discourages long distance travel will be reduced because of the Government’s decision to review the emissions trading scheme.

However, Mr Key and the incoming Government have left themselves exposed on climate change.

Arguments about New Zealand’s sustainable moral mandate – its clean green reputation and the target of carbon neutrality – have been weakened by putting the emissions trading scheme on hold

This is not a factor in British thinking.  If it had been a consideration then, as we have posted previously, Britain would have focussed on fuel consumption or some other policy that gave an incentive to those who make an effort to improve efficiency or innovate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Australia still has its emissions trading scheme plans progressing – is Australia being treated any differently than New Zealand in this policy?  The answer is no.

Finally can I remind Vernon that the UK scheme will not be in place for two years and that the Government’s new climate change policy will be in place by the end of next year.  This policy will be no less rigorous than that in place in the UK and EU.  In all probablility it will be more rigorous (not that hard).


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One Response to “UK Travel Tax Nothing To Do With NZ Sustainability Policy”

  1. lucy Says:

    Dear John. You are letting the facts get in the way of a good story! Vernon Small doesnt worry about little things like that.

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