NZCCI Conference In Rotorua

I am at the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference in Rotorua.  We have around 30 Chambers throughout New Zealand.  In total the Chambers have 24,000 or so members making it the biggest business network in New Zealand.  The focus have been very much on how the network can provide the best possible support to members in the current difficult economic times.  Fran O’Sullivan and Brendon O’Donovan have left delegates in no doubt about the seriousness of the challenge we face as an economy.  A highlight was a talk on climate change policy by Chris Baker of Saunders and Unsworth.  This was seen by many yesterday as one of the best examples of what not to do when making public policy… Delegates are today looking forward to the address by Deputy Prime Minister Bill English.

Rotorua has done the network proud in its organisation of this event.  I particularly enjoyed the entertainment last night from a local Rotorua act “Off Broadway”.  Evelyn Falconer, Craig Davson, Heather Brockett and Alasdair Hay performed a great array of well known songs from Broadway musicals.  The performances were most professional and entertaining.  I would recommend this group to anyone organising a conference in Rotorua. Unfortunately their programme doesn’t include contact details or website address.  The Rotorua Chamber might like to provide advice on this………….

Update:  Contact number for “Off Broadway” is 0272245473


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