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Many thanks to the Sunday Star Times for telling me something about myself which I did not know.  In his column today (page A11) Chris Trotter advises us all that there is a right wing conspiracy about to re-launch the privatisation agenda (a vehicle for ensuring that the right maintains control – apparently) by cunningly opening a new front – on local Government.  These right wingers are going to use a shadowy front organisation called the Local Government Forum to deliver this evil agenda. 

Well it so happens that I know a little bit about the Local Government Forum.  I have been a participant in its work for a couple of years and last week was elected its Chair.  So apparently I am chairing a group that  has an agenda that I don’t know about.  Thanks Chris and thanks Sunday Star Times for conveying this news to me.


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7 Responses to “Local Government Forum”

  1. lucy Says:

    The man has lost it! (Chris Trotter I mean)

  2. Trotter shown up again « The Inquiring Mind Says:

    […] Charles Finny of Dear John, debunks this rather neatly, pointing out that as the new Chair of this forum he was unaware that this was one of his tasks. […]

  3. Curious Says:

    Does the SST actually pay that man to write his misleading and often inflammatory propaganda?

    If so, why?

    Surely there must be some other motivation besides informed journalism behind the SST editorial policy? Very strange …

  4. Learning about your agenda through the media | Kiwiblog Says:

    […] Chamber of Commerce CEO Charles Finny blogs: Many thanks to the Sunday Star Times for telling me something about myself which I did not know.  […]

  5. llew Says:

    Well you would deny it, wouldn’t you Charles 😉


  6. Madeleine Says:

    Isn’t it helpful to have Chris Trotter around. Otherwise who knows what you might have thought you were doing?


  7. Uritrekraltem Says:

    Hi! A good forum, glad to join you 🙂

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