Greens Speaking Rubbish

There is no threat to our agricultural exports from New Zealand Government attempts to negotiate sensible rules for the handling of agricultural emissions at the UN climate change negotiations this month.  One of the great myths that was put around in the last year of so is that if we don’t lead the world and have a scheme that applies to all sectors and all gases we will be threatening our agricultural exports.  We know for a fact that this is not the case.  Indeed some European Governments were arguing against us applying our scheme to agriculture on the grounds that this was too ambitious.  All that Europe was wanting was for New Zealand to have a scheme similar to Europe’s.  Europes scheme does not apply to the agriculture sector.  We also know that the rules that were negotiated for the Kyoto Protocol were far from perfect.  It is to be expected that countries will try and improve these rules.  The previous Government was very active in this space also – on land use and forestry in particular.

We shall be reading the briefing to the incoming Government very closely on this issue to see whether it indeed says what Dr Norman says it does (how would he know?).   If it does say this then we have a problem with the authors who are misleading their Ministers.

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3 Responses to “Greens Speaking Rubbish”

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  2. adamsmith1922 Says:

    Why would you expect Russel to speak sense?

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