Absurd Article In Today’s Press

How many of you have heard of a woman called Mandy Waaka-Home?  Mandy did not know who the new Conservation Minister was, and when she heard who it was, she said the following:

“Oh, that well-known environmentalist he’s so well known I don’t know him.”

What is worse, is that The Press saw fit to write this up as an article.

How many well known environmentalists were there in the last Cabinet?  And are we not talking about the Conservation Minister not the Environment Minister?



2 Responses to “Absurd Article In Today’s Press”

  1. Toaster Says:

    A pointless cheap shot from The Press. Why quote the ignorant?

    I see her term expires this year, so she clearly does not want to be reappointed.

  2. Adolf Fiinkensein Says:

    How much is she paid?

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