Greenpeace Put Credibility On Line

Criticism of the leadership shown by the Key/English Government over climate change by Greenpeace on Morning Report this morning calls into question the credibility of the organisation.  So let me pose a couple of questions:

Was agriculture responsible for the growth in emissions beyond our existing Kyoto commitments? (Answer – not really.  Something like 97% of our increase in emissions have come from the electricity and transport sectors.  The rest of the economy has pretty much met the Kyoto target)

How can you criticise New Zealand for falling behind the US when we don’t know what the US policy is going to be? (Answer: You can’t)

Does the EU apply its domestic policy to all sectors and all gases? (Answer: No, agricultural emissions are exempted from the EU scheme.  The scheme applies to CO2.)


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One Response to “Greenpeace Put Credibility On Line”

  1. adamsmith1922 Says:

    Why would you expect Greenpeace to trouble themselves with the facts

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