Some Advice For Fiji

Some of us in Wellington had, until yesterday, thought that the time was right to try to do something constructive about solving the Fiji problem.  But, if it is true that Fiji is trying to threaten New Zealand with non-issuance of visas and the expulsion of yet another High Commissioner, then we won’t be lifting a finger to help.

There are a couple of laws of diplomacy that Fiji might like to reflect on.  One, is that small insignificant countries who try and intimidate larger more significant countries usually come of second best.  The other is that larger countries who try and bully smaller countries usually don’t achieve much other than making the community in the smaller country more determined than ever to keep doing what the bigger country did not like.  It was this second law that some of us were trying to have addressed. 

Lets hope this is all false media reporting and that Fiji has issued no ultimatums.

Message to potential PhD students – a comparison between New Zealand policy towards Fiji and Thailand during periods of non-democratic rule would be an interesting read………………



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