Where Have The Good Young Journalists Gone?

Gone to the Beehive everyone…. So laments Fran O’Sullivan in yesterday’s NZ Herald.  I too shall miss Ben Thomas ex-NBR and Paula Oliver ex-Herald but look forward to working with both in their new roles. 

Fran and I spoke on Friday and she said that she would be writing about the loss of journalistic talent to the government sector.  I suggested that one of the big issues is journalistic pay rates – which (TV presenters aside) are pathetic.  Like teachers, I think journalists are underrated and underpaid for the important roles they perform.  We need to do something about it.  This is one reason why I keep hammering home the need for better productivity performance.  Higher productivity across the economy means higher wages across the economy.

Will write further on this in the New Year.  As Fran said to me on Friday, this is not just a New Zealand problem.



One Response to “Where Have The Good Young Journalists Gone?”

  1. Redbaiter Says:

    Must be a difficult decison you face daily- shove left wing crap down people’s throats (global warming, enviro-Marxism, Obamomania) and go broke, or meet the market and prosper.

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