Central Otago District Council

Submissions close today on a proposal from the Central Otago District Council to amend the District Plan.  This is local government at its worst.  We have a good system in Central Otago which has worked well.  The Council has, until recently been essentially pro-development and pro-business.  It has been a much less intrusive Council than its neighbour Queenstown Lakes.  Unfortunately something has gone very wrong.  If agreed the proposed changes to the Plan will see pretty much all development subject to Council intervention.  This means greatly increased costs for business and uncertainty for investors.  The Council is even proposing to take responsibility for determining which land uses are viable and which are not!  The final result, if these plan changes are passed, will be disinvestment from the region. 

These proposed Plan changes have come out of the blue, they are not needed, and they have not been properly justified.  Moreover insufficient account has been taken by the Council of their potential economic impact.

I spent much of yesterday and last night preparing submissions on aspects of the plan.  I have copied my correspondence to the Minister and Associate Minister of Local Government as this is a classic example of local authorities going wrong.



One Response to “Central Otago District Council”

  1. Owen McShane Says:

    So the Council is becoming the economic arbiter and central planner for the District?
    How do they square that with Section 5?

    I would like to see their section 32 analysis.
    This is why we need Rodney Hide’s regulatory reform to require all plans to be subject to review by a regulatory impact committee before they are unleashed on the public.
    Central planning did not work in the Soviet Bloc and does not work in North Korea – why do they think it will work in Otago?

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