UN Help Or Hinderance Over Fiji?

I am not sure how to react over the news that the UN has agreed to work with the Commonwealth to try to get an agreement on the timing of parliamentary elections in Fiji.  I am sure the UN is well intentioned, but Idon’t want Fiji to play divide and rule on this.  It is all to easy for Fiji to try and play bilateral relationships and the work of international organisations off against one another.  The international organisations need to be alert to this.  I think the UN can be most helpful on Fiji by sending all remaining Fijian military personel home from peace keeping operations and tell Fiji that there will be no more assignments until a full democracy is restored.


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2 Responses to “UN Help Or Hinderance Over Fiji?”

  1. adamsmith1922 Says:

    Good idea, but the UN has major difficulties in getting troops for peacekeeping, for example would NZ and Australia be prepared to replace Fiji’s UN troop contribution?

  2. fijitoday Says:

    Bainamarama has a problem in that he cannot hold elections and remain in power. He requires immunity from his crimes like he gave George Spate in 2000. Then he reneged on it and George is now serving a life sentance. He has a track record of reneging on promises like he has to the Pacific Forum.
    He may hold elections if he can change the constitution to embed the military as being above the government. Then he can recoup if he is not happy.

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