Fran’s Predictions and Coddington On Crow

One of the few negatives about being in Central Otago is the lack of the NZ Herald (it can be purchased at Queenstown Airport but we try and avoid Queenstown as much as possible).  The Christchurch Press is readily available so one can keep up with the contents of the Dominion Post pretty easily (much of the content is thesame).  So to catch up with the Herald we have to rely on the internet.  Sometimes I fall behind, so only today read Fran O’Sullivan’s mother’s recollections of the 1930s depression and her self assessment of the accuracy of her predictions for 2008 in yesterday’s Herald.  I also read Deborah Coddington’s latest opinion piece.

What jumped out at me was her comments on Steve Crow

Finally, the “how could you get it so wrong” award goes to so-called porn king Steve Crow who spat the dummy when Wellingtonians ignored his erotica show. He’s not returning with his “Boobs on Bikes” parade because only 6000 out of an expected 15,000 turned up to be titillated by what appear to be the worst-shaped breasts Crow can find, judging from the newspaper photos.

We have good taste in Wellington. As the late Paul Newman said, why go out for hamburger when you can have fillet steak at home?

Women in the Capital already know what’s sexy, and it’s not exposing as much flesh as legally allowed. We don’t do mini-skirts and vaulting cleavage. We know what turns men on – intelligence, and not finishing every sentence with a rising inflection.

I don’t care if Crow does come back with his Erotica exhibition – it’s harmless, and attendance isn’t mandatory. But I doubt the reason Wellingtonians stayed away was because, as Crow said, we have “deep pockets and short arms”.

We’re deeply bored by tackiness, and men or women who boast how good they are in bed. Never true, except in their dreams.

Crow’s off to “Palmy” with his porn, where he says they “love it”. I’m not surprised – two unsubtle cities where people need to be beaten over the head with the bleeding obvious. Inhabitants in these cities will see out the year with a whinge. In Wellington, we’ll be welcoming 2009 with a bang.

I coped a bit of flak from Mr Crow for relaying the results of a survey we did off our membership on attitudes to his foray into the capital.  Most of our members thought that his parade was inconsistent with the image we wanted for Wellington and most thought it would do nothing for their business.  My own view was that Wellingtonians would regard the whole thing as a bit of yawn.  And I was right.  We are not prudes (I certainly am not one) but we know what is going to work in Wellington, and boobs on bikes was just not our thing.  We were correct in this prediction, and it is a pity Mr Crow didn’t spend less time abusing me, and more time listening to my advice.

Good luck Palmerston North!


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2 Responses to “Fran’s Predictions and Coddington On Crow”

  1. Will de Cleene Says:

    According to Google, Auckland, Manawatu and Taranaki are the best places for Crow’s expos. All three centres led the country in the search for porn.

  2. Paul Williams Says:

    Brilliant post by Ms O’Sullivan, thanks for highlighting it here. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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