Jack’s Point Golf Course

I made a sensible choice  play golf today.  First the temperatures here at the vineyard were 30 degrees celcius plus for most of  today.  Second, Jack’s Point must be one of the best golf courses in New Zealand.  It isn’t easy, but 17 of the 18 holes were memorable.  And the views were fanstastic.  5, 6, 7, 8 and 11 have fantastic views over Lake Wakatipu, while every hole has a great view over The Remarkables.  The low flying sky diving planes (on holes 2 and 3 you are literally just a few metres away from the planes as they come into land over a ridge) make things all the more interesting.  I shot 44 out and 43 in (3 pars and a birdie).  This was 3 over my handicap but I think I could have shot several shots better had I played the course before.  At $60 green fees this was a bargain.  I strongly recommend the course.  Only the first hole did nothing for me.  It was too easy.  I am not the world’s longest driver and having to hit a less than full wedge shot in for my second on a hole rated stroke number 10 was a little less than challenging.  For a new course Jack’s Point played very well.  My only complaints were the bunkers (need more sand), the speed of play (the round took just over 5 hours – our group would have finished in under 4 hours without the delays up front), and the fact that the restaurant would only serve us a snack menu because we arrived after 3. 

Great golf course, great scenery, great price, and a chance to rub shoulders with all the beautiful people (as we were leaving the Black Caps we arriving for a round).  If you haven’t played Jack’s Point you should.  Phone 03 450 2050 to make a booking.


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