Toll Roads (2)

The original post on toll roads was written last Friday morning at a Starbucks in Geneva.  Unfortunately it failed to make beyond a draft saved on the WordPress system (I think my 30 minutes of free internet time might have expired just as I was hitting publish).  It might have helped the editorial writer on the editorial on Transmission Gully in today’s Dominion Post.


Putting this bad editorial to one side I have done more research on the A41 and talked to my counterparts here and in Annecy.  The motorway opened only on 23 December.  It cost SF1.1 billion (NZ$1.5 billion).  And it has been welcomed by the general public and business groups, and strongly opposed by environmental groups.  The environmental groups wanted the money spent on light rail (particularly a new link between Geneva and Annemasse) and on rail.  They opposed the road as they believe that collective travel solutions are better than those that favour the individual.  Isn’t it interesting how “green” groups the world over use the same talking points.


The Mayor of Annecy believes the new highway will transform his local economy, encouraging international high tech investment and launching Annecy as an international tourist destination in its own right (Annecy is known as the Venice of Savoy.  It has lovely canals, a lovely old city, it has a lovely lake and is surrounded by impressive mountains).   There are several parallels here with our situation in Wellington.


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One Response to “Toll Roads (2)”

  1. Will Marshall Says:

    If a group is concerned about energy efficiency and environmental impact it makes absolute sense for them to push rail, which is in the region of 4-5 times as efficient as trucking for freight operations ( Even for purely short-term economic reasons, that different is massive – especially given the inevitable rises in fuel prices over the next few decades.

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