Toll Roads (3)

My earlier posts have elicited a range of comments – several of which failed to make it through the moderation process because they were abusive.  Aparently I am a fool and collectivist solutions are always better than solutions that favour the individual and business.  I forgot that Marxism is like a religion for its believers – it is faith based as opposed to evidence based.  Just to remind readers i have lived for several years in Communist run countries.  I know what works and what doesn’t, and i sure don’t want to see policy that has failed elsewhere be introduced here because it conforms to a fringe ideological belief system.  With that off my chest can i share some more info on the A41.  Hopefully the Dominion Post will take up the challenging questions asked below and provide some answers…

The Annecy Chamber has sent through more information about the A41.  It turns out that this fantastic road is France’s first BOT project.  Not one Euro of public money has been used to fund it.  The total cost was Euro 871.5 million.  The consortium that build it own the road until 2060 when it returns to public ownership.


Now things get very interesting – this road is forecast to be profitable on 23,000 vehicle uses a day. 


How come it is possible for a road that is more expensive and difficult to build than Transmission Gully on only 23,000 vehicle movements a day to be economic in Europe, when a cheaper road in New Zealand with more vehicle movements is apparently not suitable for a BOT solution???  This is going to require some further investigation….


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