Transmission Gully

Apparently my letter made it into the Dominion Post so this is what I submitted:


Wellington does need to get its infrastructure act together.  We need to increase expenditure on public transport (our focus would be on bus rather than rail), and we need to solve some perennial transport bottlenecks – Airport to Basin Reserve, Ngauranga to Aotea Quay, Terrace Tunnel – and we need to ensure that we have a secure and resilient link to the rest of the country.  To the North that is provided by State Highway 1.  At present the alignment is highly susceptible to storm and earthquake damage and climate change experts suggest that the problems will get even worse as sea levels rise.  To make matters worse an upgrade of the existing alignment is not likely to achieve necessary consents, and to make it as resilient as the Transmission Gully Motorway would require greater expenditure than on Transmission Gully (previous estimates did not consider the need to raise the road further above sea level).  Rather than a pipe dream Transmission Gully is essential for our food, physical and economic security in Wellington and it is an integral part of the link between the North and South Island economies.  It is a strategic motorway of national importance.  Lets go ahead and build it asap.”


The Mayor of Porirua also had a letter published on this subject.


I am at present writing the editorial for the January issue of The Chamber.  I shall repeat this on Dear John.  This addresses how unfortunate the timing of this Dominion Post editorial was, and how we need to be speaking with one voice as a region.  Failure to do so will indeed see Wellington miss out on essential infrastructure investment.  The long term consequences of this will be very serious.


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