Export Subsidies

Like many I am perturbed by the EU decision to resume export subsidies for agricultural products.  This policy has in the past been extremely damaging to New Zealand exports and those of many developing countries also.  The prohibition of these subsidies should be our #1 goal for the current WTO negotiations.

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4 Responses to “Export Subsidies”

  1. EU resumes ag subsidies « Homepaddock Says:

    […] said this makes completion of DOHA negotiations even more urgent and Dear John says the prohibition of these subsidies should be the number one goal of current WTO […]

  2. Owen McShane Says:

    Hardly the time to introduce an ETS when our farmers will have to compete with subsidised farmers in the EU.

  3. Owen McShane Says:

    Now Scientific American reports that American grass farms are carbon sinks and American grass farmers are selling their carbon credits to emmitters for real dollars.

    So the EU farmers are to be subsidised, the AMerican Farmers will be selling carbon credts and yet we will be punishing our Farmers for out emissions. It is already big business.

    What the hell is going on – as if we didn’t know!
    Read the Scientific American story here.


  4. Owen McShane Says:

    The final irony is that the no-till method they are using to achieve their carbon credits is technology developed in New Zealand at Massey University.

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