Heathrow’s Third Runway

There is much controversy in the UK over the decision to proceed with a third runway at Heathrow.  I must confess to being confused about this decision.  Why build an expensive new runway at Heathrow when there is a great runway underutilised at Kent Airport – located right next to the high speed rail link between London and France???

One Response to “Heathrow’s Third Runway”

  1. insider Says:

    There was a good item on Radio NZ from the BBC on the issue. Apparantly a lot of it is due to hubbing to multiple destinations and the ability to interconnect with other airlines/routes. That is getting harder due to congestion. One of the fears is that #3 could be 20 years too late when built with Schipol and Paris CDG getting fifth runways soon and people already looking to avoid the delays at Heathrow.

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