Wellington Indoor Staium (2)

I am pleased to see that there is good coverage of what has happened in today’s Dominion Post – an article on the front page and a feature.

OK, I agree that the stadium would have been better located close to the Westpac Trust Stadium, but all the work I have seen suggests that Cobham Park is both the cheapest and the best option for the facility inj terms of size (the inner city site would only be 8 courts) and parking.

What annoys me most is that a Councillor has broken ranks from a collective decision and is going to delay this project for 2 years.  I feel sorry for the sports codes who will suffer most from these delays.  I feel sorry for the construction workers who need this work right now and who will miss out.  And I feel that there are serious governance principles that have been breached by what has happened.  I hope that this is not simply a Councillor seeking an opportunity to grandstand and get more profile in the run up to the next Mayoral election.


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