Wellington Indoor Stadium (4)

Another good article in today’s Dominion Post, including strong words from the Mayor:

A furious Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast said his action was an “ultimate betrayal” that would cost ratepayers dearly.

“For a councillor who constantly lectures us on fiscal responsibility, I think it is the ultimate betrayal that he is willing to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars of ratepayers’ money appealing something that has broad councillor support and community support.”

I am fully behind the Mayor on this issue and also support the removal of Cr Foster from the Council posts he occupies.  I agree also that there is an issue over whether Cr Foster should resign from the Council.


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5 Responses to “Wellington Indoor Stadium (4)”

  1. dpf Says:

    I’m not so sure. I understand the principle of collective responsibility as it applies to Boards. but City Councillors are expected to disagree on issues.

    Now I understand Andy is going beyond disagreeing – he is triggering an Environment Court appeal. But someone else might have done the same anyway?

  2. foster « Poneke’s Weblog Says:

    […] has described Andy Foster’s move as the “ultimate betrayal” that will cost ratepayers dearly. Charles Finny in kneejerk support trumpets:“I am fully behind the mayor on this issue and also support the removal of Cr Foster from the […]

  3. Captain Crab Says:

    Foster kindly provides more reason for RMA reform.

  4. insider Says:

    Andy Foster according to the story was a private objector at the original planning hearing. Are you wanting to strip him of the appeal rights that all other citizens have?

    Nice respect for democracy guys. How about defending his right to disagree? Or are the council all of a sudden ‘all knowing and all wise’?

  5. john « Poneke’s Weblog Says:

    […] follows just a few days after he blogged some kneejerk attacks on city councillor Andy Foster for taking court action over the Cobham Park indoor sports centre. I […]

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