Dear John

Dear John  has been a bit of an experiment for us here at the Chamber.  It has achieved good readership numbers and there have at times been vigorous debate.  This is encouraging.

We are in the process of a major re-jig of our communications with members and wider community and use of blog format has been part of the mix. 

We will make some decisions over the next month.

In the meantime we will be restricting content on Dear John to formal press releases and the editorial from our monthly magazine.  Continuing interaction with our readership is encouraged.

For those interested in the indoor community sports centre we had another session with the Mayor on Friday and have Garry Poole WCC CEO coming to talk to our Board meeting this week.  We continue to be  actively engaged on the issue.

5 Responses to “Dear John”

  1. Paul Williams Says:

    Meh. I seem to remember Charles crowing about the stats at the WellingtonHive. What’s happened? You drop the hyperbole and the numbers disappear?

  2. Madeleine Says:

    I do hope you continue with the blog as I really enjoy popping in for a read.

  3. john « Poneke’s Weblog Says:

    […] his most recent post, Charles says he “will be restricting content on Dear John to formal press releases and the […]

  4. Tony Randle Says:

    Ditto . . . your views, both formal and informal are a good balance to more PC blogs around town.

    It is hard to comment under your own name when holding a high profile role. This make you a target for others who would rather play the man not the ball. I take Poneke’s Weblog comments in this vain, believing those who make personal attacks from positions of anonymity are actually cowards.

  5. homepaddock Says:

    Intelligent insight and views on matters of interest makes this one of my regular reads. I suspect press releases and the editorial will be less compelling.

    If blogging as the CEO of the WCC constrains you, I hope you’ll consider blogging under your own name, or pseudonym, instead.

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