We are told that every good business should have a blog.  We seek to set an example as a good business, so here goes.

The Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce has been around for 152 years.  Over that time it has sought the best possible policy and regulatory environment for its members.

This blog is all about helping create such an environment.

We hope it will be read daily by the Prime Minister and his team of Ministers, by senior officials and by the media.  Journalists should feel free to quote from this blog.  It only has one author, Charles Finny, so feel free to attribute any comments.

Comments on posts are very welcome but please – no personal abuse, and please try to keep the comments as relevant as possible to the topic of the post.

This blog will not replace the regular media releases from The Chamber but these will be repeated on Dear John so that readers have a chance to react to these policy positions.

We hope you all find Dear John a useful resource and that you read it regularly.

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